Sunday, 20 March 2011

Arthur Gasparyan (Archibaz): Armenian member of Kazaky - Ukrainian band that everyone talks about

Kazaky took the Internet by storm, instantly becoming the hottest band from Ukraine that everyone talks about. Good looking, fit guys, hot with stilettos... and from the post-Soviet country Ukraine. This is their winning combination. Adding unashamedly homoerotic nature of the choreography, no surprises they became hit project with big gay following. [Read: Kazaky in drag. Ukrainian "response to Lady Gaga" did it again ;)]

Among them... our very Armenian Arthur Gasparyan, nicknamed Archibaz.

No much details are available re bio of Kazaky band members, including Arthur. Here is info via formenya_lire (RU, thanks to A.N. for the link).
Артур Гаспарян - 100% арменин, родился 22 июня 1984 года в Ереване.
Артур окончил Академию Русского балета в Петербурге. Был солистом в Московском Академическом Театре классического балета Н.Касаткиной и В.Василова. С 2007 солировал в Национальной опере Украины им. Т.Шевченко. 2010 год - участник танцевального коллектива "Kazaky".
Below are pictures of Arthur and Kazaky via their Facebook page and official website.

Also, towards the end you may see their latest collaboration with Georgian fashion-designer BICHOLA at the Ukrainian Fashion Week (thanks to Lusine for the link). And appearance in music video clip by Lama - Тримай.

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Karnig said...

Աստուած իմ... :)

Anonymous said...

his beach Photo is hot! I mean they all are but still! =]
Thanks Mika jan!


artmika said...

You are more than welcome. I could sense you would enjoy it ;)

artmika said...

Must watch!! Kazaky in Armenian - "Pohvir ['Pokhvir'] (Change, I Know, You Can)"