Saturday, 30 October 2010

Cher about her age, boyfriends and child’s gender reassignment surgery

Extracts from her interview with the latest issue of OK magazine.

Quote 1: “Age is a major pain in the ass”.

Quote 2: “I love having boyfriends”.

Quote 3: “Everyone who went before me is an influence for me and everyone who comes after me is influenced by me”.

About her daughter Chastity’s gender reassignment surgery:
OK: As a mother it must be difficult that your daughter is now your son...
Cher: It’s hard - I screw up on the pronouns so often but she’s very soft about it and cuts me some slack. It took much more courage for her to do it because I am her mom, she didn’t have one moment of peace.


Sivko said...


Given that Chaz identifies as a man, it'd be polite and accurate to refer to him as Cher's son, or at least her child. Calling him by female-gendered words is incredibly invalidating.

Thanks for blogging - I enjoy reading.


artmika said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Siv. I've amended the title of my post, but I can't change anything in the text as this is how he was referred to in the OK magazine.