Monday, 20 September 2010

Two gay men break the Guinness world record for longest kiss to raise awareness for LGBT rights

WOW!!!! They did it!!!!! Well done, guys!!!


Two gay men tried breaking the Guinness world record for longest kiss. And they have just succeeded locking lips for more than 33 hours!!!
The current record stands at 32 hours and seven minutes, set on Valentine's Day of 2009 by Nikola Matovic and Kristina Reinhart of Germany. (Advocate)
The whole process was being broadcast live online. I was following them regularly, and it was an amazing experience. They are students at The College of New Jersey. Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello (FB page; website).
The record has never before been held by a homosexual coupling. Matty and Bobby plan to be the first pair of men to change that.
As Advocate reports, they are friends, not boyfriends. They each have boyfriends. They did it to raise awareness for gay rights and equality: “Our Lips Are Sealed” campaign in support of LGBT rights.

Big respect, guys!!!

*picture - via Advocate

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