Monday, 13 September 2010

"Sexual Synthesis": First gay-themed theatre play in Tbilisi, Georgia

Just came across this report by Russia Today. I wish I could find video excerpts from the performance too. If you are aware of any video material re this theatre play, please, let me know.

*via Russia Today

Gays taking center stage in Georgia

(published 12 January, 2010; edited 11 June, 2010)

The first-ever performance centering on homosexual relationships has been staged in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, despite negative reaction from the authorities.

According to the Georgia Online website, the main character of the controversial performance entitled “Sexual Synthesis” is a famous Georgian actor who is gay.

The performance was brought together by local stage director Shota Pirtskhaishvili who was quoted as saying a number of theatres across the country refused to host the production.

In the end, the premiere of the performance on the unorthodox topic – which is reluctantly and rarely discussed in Georgia – took place at the tiny “Art Face” theater, which measures ten meters.

“And even in this case there were several attempts to foil the premiere of the performance. A group of people tore off a banner and several playbills in front of the theater. This only proves again the intolerance to liberal discussion of such topics,” Pirtskhaishvili told Georgia Online.

Meanwhile, Georgia is the motherland of the “Most Handsome Gay Man of Europe” David Baramia.

The Georgian refugee won the coveted title at a beauty pageant in Oslo last summer after which the Gay-Caucuses website proclaimed him “Georgian of the year.” [Unzipped: Gay Armenia - see here too]

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