Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Gay scene in Turkish TV series... with a twist

Thanks to @ljmaximus, this video of a gay scene in Turkish TV series, broadcast on pro-government TV channel.
Gay scene in a Turkish TV series - interesting thing - it was broadcast in a channel with pro-AKP stance

I have to say, I expected to see at least kiss but disappointingly there was no ‘action’ there :) But I guess even such an innocent scene is something. In fact, it already provoked accusations of “indecency” from certain circles in Turkey.

It is a scene from Turkish TV series “Day of Sword” which tells the story of “one small guy's war against a giant evil corporation”. The youngest son of the head of corporation is gay and, as per director of the TV series, they do not propagate "indecency" but show thoroughly the character of the evil. I could sense that the 'salt' would be in presentation of the character. In this case, 'gay as part of the evil package' :)

Reportedly, it is the first time such scene was shown on Turkish TV.

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artmika said...

EurasiaNet: Turkish Television Dramas Breaking Taboos While Conveying Conservative Messages

[...] Interviewed about The Day of the Sword, the new series with the homosexual scene, producer Osman Sinav used a similar argument to justify the controversial scene. "In our plot, we talk about the palace of the Pharaoh and such things happen in the Pharaoh's palace," he told the private television Haberturk. "To show goodness in all its beauty, you need to show darkness in all its nakedness."