Monday, 10 May 2010

Important!! Your submissions for Unzipped: Gay Armenia LIST 2010

Dear readers,

Two years ago, to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO - 17 May), I launched Unzipped: Gay Armenia LIST 2008.
This LIST recognises individuals, organisations, media, blogs, events and other contributors(tions) to gay rights and equality in Armenia and Diaspora. It also 'names' main homophobic occurrences over the past year, to evolve eventually into Armenian version of Homophobia Hall of Shame. [As you know, Armenia Homophobia Hall of Shame is already live.]
I did not manage to post 2009 version of the LIST last year due to busy schedule around that time. However, I aim to rectify this and post a 2010 LIST which will now incorporate and reflect events and individuals over the past two years: from 17 May 2008 to 17 May 2010 inclusive.

LIST 2008 was compiled solely by myself. From 2010 onwards, I do want to incorporate your suggestions and submissions too.

Dear readers, please have a look at Unzipped: Gay Armenia LIST 2008, and make your submissions for any or each of the listed categories.

Your submissions should cover two years: 17 May 2008 to 17 May 2010.

You are welcome to suggest new categories too. Please, suggest a new category only if you have something or someone to nominate for, as I want to make this LIST a very practical one.

To assist in your selections, you may use archives of my blog covering the relevant time period (available on the right hand side of this blog). You may also use your own or other sources.

While making submissions, along with the category, please indicate name(s) or event(s) and a relevant link. If for any reason, no link is available to prove your nomination, please provide a more detailed description on the reasons of your nomination.

Please, submit your nomination(s) via email only. (my email address is available on the upper right hand side of this blog)

Many thanks in advance for your input.

Deadline for nominations - 15 May 2010.

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