Thursday, 27 May 2010

Eva Rivas on a mission to promote UK government’s 5-a-day healthy eating target (Eurovison fans)

Let’s see what Eurovision fans are discussing re Armenia entry this year. Below are just few of my picks which made me smile.

One of the frequently discussed topics about Eva Rivas: “how tall is she?”. Predictable, yes. But the curiosity of Eurovision fans doesn’t stop here. They also wonder: “Is she a human?”
“Has anyone seen Eva Rivas's birth certificate? Is she really a woman?”
“She's actually two women put on top of each other :)”
“Once more. Shes an Avatar :)”
Apricot Stone, well, apricots to be precise, inspired an exchange by health conscious fans.
“Just assume Armenia wins... are we going to have a whole bunch of songs about Fruits next year? Perhaps a Healthy ESC-week with fives-a-day :D?”
“Probably Azerbaijan will withdraw,pretending to be on the vegetable side :p"
Here I disagree. 5-a-day target of healthy eating by the UK government implies peaceful coexistence and consumption of both fruits and vegetables :)

Good luck, Eva! And wish you all have fun time tonight. It's the second semi-final, afterwards. Excitement :)

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