Sunday, 23 May 2010

Eurovision 2010: Armenia Eva Rivas and Azerbaijan Safura - my subjective comparisons

based on impressions from first rehearsals

Music and Lyrics: Music-wise, I prefer Apricot Stone by Eva Rivas, but not sure about the lyrics. While objectively it [the lyrics] may be better than Safura’s, I think “Drip Drop” is more appropriate for the type of contest Eurovision is. I am not convinced that singing about “motherland” fits well with the Eurovision. As to the music of Safura’s song, I find it boring.

Dress: I know, we have not seen the final version of dresses yet, so difficult to judge what will be on the menu, but so far I was pretty disappointed fashion-wise for Eva Rivas. Even if it’s a rehearsal, wearing a tracksuit is a big no. During the second rehearsal she changed it into a more appropriate trendy one (see picture above), still... not impressive. I can’t say I am particularly happy with Safura’s dresses, but they are classier.

Moves: Eva Rivas progressed quite a lot since her first performance of Apricot Stone for the national final. She now moves and feels the stage much better. However, there is big room for improvement both for Eva and Safura. Frequently, Safura’s moves are somewhat awkward, and Eva Rivas should minimise or stop at all belly-dancing bit.

Show: Overall, I find Armenia’s show more interesting. Azerbaijan’s was a quality one but too predictable. However, that dancer guy is definitely much better (and hotter) in Safura’s show.

Look: Eva Rivas is beautiful in a stunning Angelina Jolie way, while Safura is beautiful in a cute teenager kind of way.

Vocals: Here where Eva Rivas is a clear winner. Her vocals were pretty good, especially during the first rehearsal. This is perhaps Safura’s ‘weakest link’, although she improved on vocals lately.

Overall impression:

I do not think Armenia will win, although with a good performance during the night, Eva Rivas might end up pretty OK. The chances for Azerbaijan win are much higher, if we trust bookies too. But it will all depend on other countries’ performances during the night too. Have not had time to closely follow other performances as yet, but will catch up during the coming days.

I am going to vote for Eva Rivas. I will most probably vote for a second choice too, both during the semi-final and final. I do not think it will be Safura, as I can’t say I am her fan, well, unless she does something extraordinarily amazing during the night. But she is lovely girl, and I wish her good luck. My second preference in voting will depend on me watching all other performances and how well they will do it during the day.

P.S. I am worried that due to last year KGB-style interference in voting by Azerbaijan officials, local Eurovision fans might be scared to vote for Armenia, even if they’d like to. Thankfully, we did not have anything similar in Armenia. I am sure Safura has already had fans in Armenia who will vote for her, if indications on Armenian Facebook are anything to go by.

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Onnik Krikorian said...

Trust you to notice the dancer... ;)

Anyway, I actually thought Safura's voice was better, but then again that's from the second rehearsals and not the first.

Eva Rivas second rehearsal

Safura's second rehearsal

Agree with you about the moves of both on stage although the camera angles when it's broadcast will cut out a lot what we see in the rehearsals.

Anyway, there you go, despite all intentions, hooked again. Might even vote for Safura. I kinda like the song, seems really nice online in her presence and she's cute. :)

Plus, if Azerbaijan do win it will mean I will finally be able to go to Baku... :)