Monday, 19 April 2010

United in laugh and homophobia: Armenia “purest” police chief and media outlets

There were times when you could read here and there that “there are no gays in Armenia”. Well, those times have passed, and could be remembered with smile on our face. Now there is another trend: “there are no gays in this or that Department/Ministry/field...”

Couple of months ago, it was Armenian Army representative who made such ridiculous claims, which were instantly laughed at by Russian language gay websites. Today it’s Armenia police chief’s turn.

Watch this video (AM) towards the end. Pay attention how Armenia police chief and media representatives laughing together when discussing this whole ‘gay/police day’ thingy. They [media, and then police chief] created this fake ‘coincidence’ story, and won’t let it go away despite it being an utter lie and ignorance. Why would they? It’s just a chance to have a good laugh with “the purest” police chief. Apparently, that’s their definition of ‘having fun’.

Armenia police chief Alik Sargsyan statements are ridiculous, outrageous, and bigoted.

He says that Armenian police is “the purest”; there are only “real men” working in police; there never was, and God forbid, never will be anyone with “disorders of [sexual] orientation” there.
«Ոստիկանությունը ամենամաքուրն է եւ ամենազերծը նման բաներից. ոստիկանությունում իսկական տղամարդիկ են աշխատում ամեն ինչով, եւ կողմնորոշման որեւէ խախտում, Աստված չանի, երբեք չի նկատվել եւ չի նկատվի»,-ասաց Ալիկ Սարգսյան: (A1+)

This is a very clear display of homophobia, and human rights violation by Armenia police chief.

In any civilised country, such statements by police chief would lead to media and public outcry and calls for resignation, or at the very least - apology. In Armenia, this leads to a united laugh of media representatives and Armenia police chief.

There is popular saying in Russian, good for this occasion: “Смеётся тот, кто смеётся последним”

And here is the latest from our “purest” police where only “real men” work.

Armenian police: shoot to kill?

P.S. (UPDATE 20 April 2010: apparently, I was too quick to refer to a "positive change" in this radio station - see comments section below) I have to say, that during this whole ‘gay/police day’ saga, Radio Van was one of the very few media representatives which avoided copy/pasting wrong info from other outlets. They made a blog post with appropriate picture, video, and a brief audio interview with the head of PINK Armenia Mamikon Hovsepyan explaining the real meaning of the day. Ironically, this is the radio station which ‘inspired’ me to launch Homophobia Hall of Shame. As I mentioned back then, “The purpose [of the Hall of Shame] is to show that hate is wrong. Hate is not cool. Hate should NOT be profitable. And there are always ways out. You just have to want to get out and make efforts to change yourself for better, to free yourself of hate.”

Lately, I see positive changes in the radio station’s policy, and if this trend continues, I will take them out of the Hall of Shame after 17 May (International Day Against Homophobia).

For now, I updated the Hall of Shame by including Armenia police chief Alik Sargsyan.


artmika said...

May be I was too quick to note a “positive trend” in Radio Van. Head of the radio station Shushanik made a new post today ironising the “coincidence” of “police day and international gay day”, presenting it as a “fact”. I do not care about the ironic nature of her post. Her style, fine. But can’t she at least read and listen to the blog post made by one of the bloggers of her own radio station? Or was that "positive" post made simply for a "tick" to show off?

artmika said...

There were some initial false positive signs, but latest post by Shushanik proves some people don't change, so Radio Van will stay firmly within the Hall of Shame. They are now joined by Armenia police chief Alik Sargsyan.

MMK said...

my grandmothers favorite phrase "red cow will never change the skin":)