Monday, 19 April 2010

Manchester United: “Kiss of Life”

Don't you just love football?! ;)

*via Towleroad: "Manchester United captain Gary Neville planted a kiss on teammate Paul Scholes after Scholes scored the winning (and only) goal against Manchester City just 20 seconds before the end of the match-up."

And now this hilarious commentary and headlines via British press (via Queerty).

The Independent: Eternal Scholes gives United kiss of life
You could interpret in various ways the tender moment when Gary Neville wrapped his hands around the head of Paul Scholes and pursed his lips.
He was about to drive several coaches through the homophobic fortress of the Premier League. This was the take of the whimsical Kirsty Young, who told the Andrew Marr Show that it might have been a clip from Brokeback Mountain.
On the other hand Neville, who is of course not famous for striking the most agreeable notes, may have been emphasising a line of praise time-honoured among hard, macho but understating pros, the one that goes: "You'll do for me, son." [...]
The GuardianWhen men's lips meet. By kissing Paul Scholes, Gary Neville declared war on homophobia. And Francophobia, too

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