Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Report: Larry Gagosian hosts fashion designer Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone wedding dinner party

"Marc Jacobs made an honest man out of Lorenzo Martone this week, by marrying him in a private ceremony in St. Barts. Following the ceremony, the couples were feted at an exclusive private dinner hosted by Larry Gagosian [...]

The couple got engaged in March of 2009, after a year of dating, and both men have expressed interest in eventually adopting.

The most adorable part of their wedding? The cake toppers, which were molded to look exactly like the couple, with mini-Lorenzo in a tux, and mini-Marc wearing his signature kilt and no shirt so as to best showcase his Sponge Bob Squarepants tattoo. Also joining them on top of the cake was Jacobs' pitbull Daisy."

*source: Guest of a Guest (incl. picture, above), via Towleroad

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artmika said...

On 23 July 2010, Lorenzo confirmed, via Twitter, that they split up:

"thanks for t notes. yes, I saw t press today. We are not together, haven't been in 2 months. And we will not comment on it. Sorry. We r fine"

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