Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Exclusive: Armenian/Azeri gay love story Artush and Zaur to turn into the film

Great news: Armenian/Azeri gay love story Artush and Zaur to turn into the film.
EXCLUSIVE: Ali Akbar's Artush and Zaur will be filmed by a Canadian director. Source: Author himself
Needless to say, look very much forward to see the film accomplished. Hope, it will live up to the expectations.

Reliable sources told me that scenes of Tbilisi will be shot in Tbilisi; scenes of Baku and Yerevan will be shot in Istanbul.

No more details known as of now. Will keep you posted, if/when new details emerge.


Onnik Krikorian said...

Wouldn't it be great if someone really tried to push for filming in Yerevan and Baku (obviously without any publicity or announcement to avoid the predictable problems given how many taboos are being broken)?

artmika said...

I wish... But taking into account sensitivities, I guess it would be too risky right now... Let's hope, one day...

MMK said...

this is amazing, I was just dreaming it that one day we will have a movie about Armenian reality.

Imber said...

this book already removed from bookshop. but i'm still looking for. and also i've heard about this book. Ali Akbar is the good friend of my friend. and in fact he told "that itz not just love book. and the guys in the book is actually countries i chous" and aslo he told that he wanted to irritate some people.