Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Caucasus: Society, sex and the dating game

I recommend reading this roundup of selected blog posts from the South Caucasus related to societal attitudes to sex, gender, sexuality...
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, hopes that new freedoms would quickly replace the old have often been dashed by the re-emergence of patriarchal, conservative and traditional practices. Largely kept suppressed by the communist system, and exaggerated by the exodus of many who might have formed the middle classes during the economic collapse of the 1990s, gender and issues of sexuality were particularly affected.

True, homosexuality has been decriminalized, although homophobia remains a significant problem, and new freedoms might have “liberated” a minority of citizens in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, but sexuality remains a contentious issue for society as a whole. [...]
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Sexuality remains a contentious issue for society as a whole.