Saturday, 9 January 2010

Armenian gay icon Parajanov festival in London (February - May 2010)

He is one of my all time favourite film directors. For me, he is an Armenian gay icon. And not only for me... for many LGBT Armenians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Russians.... world-wide.

It's with great pleasure, I'd like to let you know that for the first time, a large scale Parajanov festival will be staged in London (+ Bristol) over February-May 2010.
Paradjanov won countless awards, including the British Academy Award for his film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. He is highly acclaimed worldwide, yet his work remains virtually unknown in the UK. The Paradjanov Festival will be an important event in the cultural scenes of London and Bristol, being the first complete showcase of Paradjanov’s films and art. The film programme will be enriched with a photographic exhibition; a contemporary art installation; a symposium; a workshop for kids and adults; a concert; meetings and talks. The events will take place at the British Film Institute (BFI Southbank), the National Theatre (NT), Ciné Lumière, Pushkin House, St. Yeghiche Armenian Church, Arnolfini (Bristol), The Bristol Gallery and will be introduced by distinguished guests that have had first-hand experience of working with Paradjanov.

The Paradjanov Festival is curated in conjunction with the BFI Southbank.

For more information, visit Parajanov (or as they put it, Paradjanov) festival website.

British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank

There will be a retrospective of Parajanov’s films at BFI Southbank (1-17 March 2010).
BFI Southbank will host a season of Sergei Paradjanov’s films that will include his acclaimed features, short films and a number of documentaries about his life and work by renowned filmmakers from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. Some of the screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions with friends, collaborators and experts.
Contemporary artist Mat Collishaw exhibition: “To coincide with our wider celebrations of the work of Paradjanov at BFI Southbank taking place this month, Collishaw has created a mesmerising new exhibition for the Gallery inspired by the work of the Armenian director.” (26 Feb - 9 May 2010)

Also, a symposium on Parajanov’s legacy (6 March 2010) and workshop of “creating artwork à la Paradjanov” (13 March 2010) will be organised.

National Theatre

Sergei Paradjanov through the lens of Yuri Mechitov
22 February – 28 March
To Yuri Mechitov, Paradjanov was not only one of the world’s greatest filmmakers but also a close friend, an inspiring teacher and, quite simply, an extraordinary man. This exhibition is composed of rarely seen photographs taken by Mechitov during their 11-year friendship.

The moments captured by Mechitov’s camera reveal a kaleidoscope of amusing situations, contrasting moods, remarkable filmmaking occasions and expressive backdrops. Yuri Mechitov has exhibited all over the world and has recently published Sergei Paradjanov: Chronicle of the Dialogue. This is the first showing of his work in the UK.

Pushkin House

A presentation of Mechitov’s album will be at Pushkin House on 26 Feb.

Roman Balayan (5 March 2010): "An Armenian filmmaker, who made most of his films at the legendary Dovzhenko Film Studios. Roman Balayan considers himself a student of Sergei Paradjanov. Although different in his aesthetic approach, he undoubtedly shares with Paradjanov a belief in cinema as a form of art, which is amply demonstrated in the films he has created over a period of some four decades."
Guard Me, My Talisman
1986, 74 min
Starring: Oleg Yankovsky, Tatyana Drubich, Aleksandr Abdulov and Aleksandr Zbruev. Set against the backdrop of the Pushkin autumn festival in Boldino, the film tells the story of a love triangle between Aleksei, his wife and Dmitri. As their passions get out of control, Aleksei, inspired by the occasion, decides to put an end to it all in the manner of his favourite poet. The film will be introduced by the director and a Q&A session will follow the screening.

Using the occasion, Cine Lumier in London will showcase few films by Roman Balayan on 9-10 March 2010.

There will be a Parajanov’s film retrospective and photo exhibition in April in Bristol too.

St Yeghishe Armenian church in London

Glad to see Parajanov related events to be supported by the Armenian church in London, as reported by festival’s website.
The concert at St Yeghiche church commemorating the Maestro’s life and work will reveal the distinctive spirit of Caucasian music, enriched by the visual accompaniment of Paradjanov’s photographs and films extracts. The concert is organised with the blessing of HG Bishop Nathan Hovhannisian.

However, Bishop Nathan Hovhannisian is retiring (there will be a farewell concert in his honour on 24 January 2010), and as of today, there is no indication of above event on church’s website.

Btw, today is Parajanov’s birthday. Happy bday, Parajanov!! x

*I made this pictures outside the museum of Parajanov in Yerevan, Armenia


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I wish they have exhibits from the Parajanov museum in Yerevan to showcase in London too, like they did recently, for example, in Ukraine. This would have completed the otherwise sounding great festival programme.

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Parajanov at London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

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Parajanovian London: Yuri Mechitov photo exhibit at the National Theatre (+ Mat Collishaw at BFI)

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Parajanov (Picture of the Day)

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Parajanov: imprisonment and prison art, British Film Institute, London