Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Serj Tankian and... my Gay Armenia blog

Thank you so much to iddewes!! I am very touched, indeed... You know, I am a big fan of Serj, and happy to hear that he seems nice in real life too… :)

Via iddewes (+ videos):

...I did manage to get in to see Screamers at the Amnesty International centre. I was a bit worried because I'd heard that Serj Tankian would be there and I thought there would be loads and loads of SOAD fans there, and they always overbook there.

Anyway, it actually wasn't too bad. I guess the word didn't get out that much among the SOAD fans, because there were more people there who actually either looked Armenian or older and not necessarily metal fans than people who looked like they were primarily SOAD fans. Did talk to a couple of nice young boys who were SOAD fans though - tried to get them to come along to the Armenian Genocide march on Saturday too...;)

And yeah spoke to a young British Armenian guy too. He said he'd seen the film and that it was more about SOAD than the actual Genocide, recommended a documentary called The Betrayed - if you're reading this Artmika and I bet you are, do you know it? [Unzipped: Gay Armenia - I have not seen that BBC documentary The Betrayed, did few searches, sounds interesting.]

I arrived really early and had to stand outside for a while...there actually wasn't a queue, either. But I saw Serj arrive...and was too shy to say a thing to him!

Well the film was very good, anyway, yes it was quite a bit about SOAD but also about the genocide, I thought there was enough about the genocide as well, and then there was the Q and A with Serj, the filmmaker Carla Garapedian and two people from Amnesty; quite interesting to listen to them too of course. And then I finally did get to meet Serj at the end. I'd been texting Artmika that he was there but I'd been too shy to speak to him or take a photo - Artmika texted back 'forget about shyness, you have to get a photo!!' - ok so in the end my excuse for going up to him was not to say I admired him or anything like that but to tell him about Artmika's Gay Armenia blog! So yeah Artmika he knows about it now! He was very nice and did actually seem quite interested to hear about it and asked if Artmika lived in Armenia, etc.

So that was good too...I'd have been disappointed if he'd turned out to be an arrogant jerk, but he really wasn't like that at all. :)

*photo - via Independentmusic

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