Thursday, 2 April 2009

Harvey Milk in Armenia - Gyumri rules! Tsayg rules!

WOW! What a fantastic news!! Just read on PINK Armenia that a local Tsayg TV in Armenia’s second largest city Gyumri was showing Milk (Harvey Milk) yesterday and today.

Yesterday I came to Gyumri for 3 days to conduct a training session in the frames of “Global Health Week of Action”. At night I was watching TV and I was so happy that many channels were showing comedy, the best choice for the 1st of April. Suddenly I noticed that “Tsayg” local TV is showing “Harvey Milk”, they also repeated the movie in the afternoon of April 2, I want to remind that this is the channel that in December, 2007 invited me to their live talk show about sexual minorities.

It was my dream to watch this movie, to see the person who struggled for freedom, tolerance and equal rights.

Harvey was a person who was living for his community and never giving up, protecting the rights of people who are the victims of discrimination and intolerance. […]

I learn a lot from Harvey Milk, even all the phrases that he said are in my mind.
Hope one day I can be so strong like him and I can do at least part of his work. I wish one day to stand on the top of the mountain with you and feel the wind of freedom. […]

I was always wondering if this film would be shown in Armenia. To learn that it was shown in Gyumri on a local Tsayg TV… well done! Gyumri rules! Tsyag rules!

Great film, great acting, an inspirational story for all of us.

Thanks to Mamikon of PINK Armenia for making me start my working day with an excellent mood :)

Let’s hope that your dreams (our dreams!!) will come true, Mamikon!!

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Anonymous said...

that's great, of course. but are they allowed to show it on tv?

Mamikon PINK said...

there is no pormographic scene and nothing else that can be forbidden.
I can't understand why did they show it, what's the matter, anyway I am happy for that.
Actually H1 (public TV) is showing some serial about plastic surgery on weekends after the midnight. And that serial is full of transgenders and homosexuals. I love it:)
And other TV channels in Yerevan are showing different gay-themed movies.
Or in 2006 we asked Shant TV to show "All about my mother" in Gyumri, they did it

Madison said...

no i meant are they allowed to show a film on tv, that's still in cinemas?

Mamikon PINK said...

Oh, this is Armenia, nly few channels are following the law about media and rights.
Tsayg is showing whatever they want, even they can record from some European channel and show, by the way it was not high quality, even in the end of the movie there was no translation, anyway I don't mind:)

Anonymous said...

I know that in those places in Yerevan where you rent a small room to watch a movie with your friends (I'm sorry, I don't know what they're called) you can watch "Milk" dubbed in Russian. So it is also available in the cinemas :-)

artmika said...

Harvey Milk in Armenia (2): 'Milk' was shown on a national TV channel H2