Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Banned: poster with naked members of Russian pop band Na-Na in Minsk

This poster with naked members of well known Russian pop band Na-Na was ‘banned’ for display in Minsk, Belarus, ahead of their concert in May. The organisers eventually found it ‘too naked’. One of the organisers said that “it’s one thing to have posters with naked women, we are used to them, but men…”

Na-Na was popular in 90s. I have not heard of them for ages. But I like what I see ;)

*photo - kp.ru (via newsmusic.ru )


Anonymous said...

lol i love it they are use to women but not men... how funny!
The blond on the left is cute! ;)

artmika said...

I like this poster mainly because of its - let me put it this way - 'sentimental' value ;) you know, late 80s, 90s, I was not a particular fan of their music, but enjoyed some of their shows, esp. those where they played with their sexuality... and I fancied some of them back then ;)))