Monday, 19 January 2009

Russian "definition of feminism"... as per Cosmopolitan poll

Via GVO, Anna’s Out of Town News writes about online poll on "Who is a feminist?" by Russian Cosmopolitan magazine. Not only the choices for answers are outrageous and bizarre, but also the results of that so called poll itself.

The question reads: “Who is a feminist?” And here are the only choices for answers:

-A woman who doesn’t wear bras — 8.7%

-A woman who has bad luck with men — 58.49%

-A lesbian — 6.81%

-Condoleezza Rice — 26.01%


Ani said...

Feminism in Russia seems to be going backward at an alarming speed. I was aghast seeing this feature on Russia Today a few weeks ago:

With pulses racing due to the New Year festivities, one Russian company has decided to celebrate by printing a raunchy new calendar which features its staff stripping off.

When at work Elena looks like a tight-laced assistant. She’s precise when making appointments and is homely when serving tea to her boss. Aleksandra, on the other hand, is a busy lawyer and Irina is a translator of Chinese, happy to put anyone to shame with her linguistic talents, but what has really amazed the customers of shipping company 'Sovfracht' was their 2009 corporate calendar, in which all the female staff stripped.

No thought of whether the "girls" wanted to do this, of whether their rights would be violated, and certainly none of the male staff was "invited" to participate. And, unlike the charity calendars that have done this, this was strictly for business. And worst of all, Russia Today was encouraging the project! Perhaps their own reporters will be posing for the next one??

artmika said...

Oh, I've seen it too. It was disgusting, for exactly the reasons you mentioned...