Sunday, 11 January 2009

Patricia Kaas to represent France in Eurovision 2009

I am so happy with this news (esctoday and oikotimes). Patricia Kaas will represent France in Eurovision 2009 in Moscow!! Yes! She was a big star years ago. She was extremely popular in Armenia and elsewhere. I loved her. Her songs are so sexy. She will definitely get my vote during Eurovision song contest. Things looking very hot and exciting for Eurovision 2009 in Moscow. Even the UK, which during the last decade did not take Eurovision seriously, now is conducting a very 'serious' campaign led by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Now if only Armenia makes THE right choice, this would be one of the most exciting Eurovisions ever.


Ani said...

Very classy, very French, and she can flat-out sing! I wonder if Mrs. Sarkozy had a hand in picking this year's contestant?

artmika said...

She is, isn't she?

That was a good guess re Mrs Sarkozy :) The other possibility is to stage her come back. And another possibility is a French 'plot' to destroy Andrew Lloyd Webber plans for UK success :)

Whatever behind this, love the outcome!

Ani said...

I'm all for contests that are a race to the top rather than to the bottom! And I hope never again to see another group of white blonde Norwegians doing their impression of the Supremes...

Jérémie said...

I'm proud that my country's choice pleases you... ;-) last year i voted for yours because sirusho was so charming and her song so melodic... good luck for this year ;-)

arteau said...

I can't see how anyone can think that Sirusho's song was melodic - that non-descript Kurdish song with totally non-Armenian rhythm.

By the way, Patricia doesn't need a come-back: her last CD released in December 2008 was a tremendous success.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Following rumours spread on the internet that Patricia Kaas will represent France at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, the artist's manager and producer, Richard Walter, issued a statement responding to the story. Though negotations are taking place with French television, participation should not be taken for granted yet.


Taking part in the contest would also be a big challenge for Patricia Kaas, who is a well-known and appreciated artist, an ambassador of France and its culture around the world for more than 20 years. As the big final of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Moscow, Kaas also had a very warm invitation coming from the Russian organizers. "Patricia wants to give them the honour to be part of the event," her manager wrote in his statement.
Kaas and her management are currently negotiating with France Télévisions, to consider how this project can become reality under the circumstance of having a busy schedule due to her successful world tour. Consequently, the final decision on her participation will be made in a few days through an official press release,
Walter also warns for further rumours surrounding Kaas' possible Eurovision Song Contest participation: "All other pieces of news from someone else have to be considered as null and void."

artmika said...

France: Patricia Kaas says YES to Eurovision

The much anticipated official confirmation of who will represent France at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is now imminent. Patricia Kaas has spoken for the first time about her decision to represent France in a television interview. The pre-recorded show will be broadcast on Sunday 8th February.
Patricia Kaas has confirmed for the first time that she is to be the French entrant for this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. The broadcast will take place on Sunday 8th February on France 2's talk show "Vivement Dimanche". was present for the recording of the show yesterday. [...]

Next Sunday, February 8th, "Vivement Dimanche", one of the most popular TV shows since a long time, will have comedian Anne Roumanoff as main guest. Among the other artists to sit on the sofa, Patricia Kaas will be there, to promote both her CD and tour. TV presenter Michel Drucker asks her about whether she will represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest and the singer answers "Yes". expects an official confirmation statement from France Televisions to be made imminently.