Monday, 5 January 2009

Blue Puppy – amazing Soviet time animation

Blue Puppy is a Soviet time animation made in 1976! It’s a story of a puppy who was born blue coloured (read different) and thus rejected by all, laughed at and assaulted. Then Good Seaman appeared and defeats the Pirate, the Black Cat, the oppressors. “Now, nobody tries to avoid the Puppy. More importantly, however, the Puppy now has a real friend with the lesson being that it is not awful to be different than others if one has friends and the rest respect you.”

For those who know Russian, blue colour (Russian: Голубой щенок, translit. Goluboy shchenok) brings an immediate connotation with being gay, as in former Soviet Union countries gays are frequently referred to as “blue”, normally having more negative subtext.

Many thanks to Transgenders in Armenia for links to this animation.

part 1

part 2

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Ani said...

Absolutely, simply, astonishingly wonderful! What a lovely present! :)