Sunday, 4 January 2009

Azeri pop singer’s “laws of nature”

There is this on-going saga of pretty cheap ‘scandalous’ public displays between two, shall we say, clans of Azeri pop scene – female singer Flora Kerimova and male singer Faiq Agayev: they ‘accuse’ each other of being gay or immoral.

Now another Azeri popular singer Nadir Gafarzadeh of Flora Kerimova’s camp stepped in providing his very own interpretation of the “laws of nature”:

“If the woman had several husbands, or was intimate with men, then that's OK, because this is a law of nature. Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is natural. However, if a man got intimate with another man, then that’s immoral as this is contrary to the laws of nature.”

Well, the first part of his “laws of nature” on women having several husbands or being intimate with men is almost ‘revolutionary’ from Azeri perspectives. I wanted to say WOW, but then, eh, his following ‘logic’ spoiled it.

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