Monday, 15 December 2008

Reporting on HIV/AIDS in South Caucasus: Manual for Journalists

Via Mark Grigoryan, one of the co-authors, BBC World Service Trust posted this Manual for journalists on HIV/AIDS reporting in the South Caucasus, published by UNESCO.

"The central assumption of this manual is that, in a learning society, the media is key in any attempt to build socio-cultural approaches to HIV and AIDS. Besides disseminating accurate information on the epidemic, they can offer a forum where different voices can be expressed and dialogue, whilst drawing the attention of their fellow citizens and policy-makers on the issues that underpin HIV and AIDS such as stigma, discrimination and gender relations. This manual seeks to provide Caucasian journalists with a hands-on, training tool for reporting on these highly complex dynamics."

Manual is available in 5 languages - Armenian, Azeri, Georgian, Russian, and English.

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