Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Outside Russia's capital: alternative sub-cultures united for their rights

This intended picket by representatives of Russian alternative sub-cultures and gay groups in a provincial town Liska may well be banned. But the very fact of youth groups (including emo, punks, anarchists, rappers, bikers, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people), however small, united for their rights in one of Russia's provincial towns is remarkable.

GayRussia.ru: During their picket on 12 December [Constitution Day] participants plan to go under the main slogan “Authorities stifle subculture!” Participants want to ruin the stereotypes about informal youth groups. They will shout: “Emu is not a state enemy!” [should be "emo"], “Punks are friendly with hygiene!”, “Hippies are not drug addicts”, and “Homosexuality is not a perversion but a norm!”.


artmika said...

As expected, this picket has been banned by the local authorities.

Anonymous said...

the subculture is called emO, not emu, man.. emu is a bird!
so please change it, its ridiculous

artmika said...

I was quoting Russian site and automatically made the same mistake, sorry for that. Thanks for pointing out, already amended.