Saturday, 13 December 2008

New bar - Rock Bar Yerevan

Via The Caucasian Knot, Rock Bar Yerevan opened its doors in downtown Yerevan around two weeks ago. Co-owned by 4 friends, “the bar is an authentic venue for rock fans and musicians to hang out and drink.”

It’s on Parpetsi 16 street, Yerevan, Armenia (map).

I do not know yet if this bar can be considered as gay friendly to add it into my Armenia Gay Guide. But based on Onnik Krikorian’s comments and various photos I’ve seen, it seems like a free-spirited place, worth to visit and check out.

They have website (not properly functional, as of today) and Facebook group.

*photo - by Onnik Krikorian/ Oneworld Multimedia 2008

*photo - by Rock Bar Yerevan Facebook group


Anonymous said...

The Rock Bar is a good place to hang out. My new favorite in Yerevan, actually. :-)

Onnik Krikorian said...

Well, it was Pink Armenia's birthday yesterday and I ran into Mamikon with two friends continuing the festivities at the rock bar last night, so...

Myrthe also told me about this post before I go there and we were with one of the owners at the time so asked him. His response was simply that people are free to do whatever they want with their private lives.

artmika said...

Guys, thanks for following this up. Great to know. I thought so too, but wanted to confirm.

Sadly, as the latest comment by Armenian metal band Sworn representative (on my posted item in Facebook re Brokeback Mountain film censorship in Italy) proves, being part of ‘alternative culture’ in Armenia does not necessarily mean lack of prejudice and homophobia…

Glad that with the Rock Bar Yerevan it’s a different story, and I will recommend others to visit the venue.

Next time in Yerevan, will join you at the Rock Bar ;)

P.S. So they started celebrations from yesterday? Of course, they did :) Good sign they chose Rock Bar Yerevan for that. Officially PINK's bday is today, will write a post to say happy bday to Mamikon and others.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Well, the official party was at their office at 3pm yesterday. I was invited but couldn't make it and ran into Mamikon later by chance where he was unofficially continuing the celebration. :-)

BTW: Just looked at your facebook page to read that comment, but one question? If you think he's homophobic why have both of you added each other. Maybe he was being sarcastic?

Anyway, I'm sure there will be those who are homophobic who go to the rock bar just as they do everywhere else. The owners aren't, however.

Onnik Krikorian said...

BTW: Any plans to be back for Christmas? For sure we'll sort out a drink or two at the bar. :-)

artmika said...

Of course, you may find homophobes everywhere, but, as you rightly said, I would not like to have one on my friends' list, or promote by any way.

I do not know him personally. Long time ago he asked me to be added as my friend, and I accepted, assuming that there should be no such issue.

To be honest, I do not think it was sarcastic, although I wish I am wrong. His follow-up comments (if any) will clarify this, and will decide then if I want to have him on my friends' list.

Really glad that Rock Bar owners are different, we need more such venues in Yerevan.

No travel plans for this Christmas but hopefully in few months, around Easter, unless something changes. Look forward to having rocking time at the Rock Bar then :) Will write my own review afterwards on my blog.

artmika said...

P.S. Re Armenian metal band Sworn member: Well, now he proved that he is person full of hate and homophobia (his latest comment on my Facebook page). He is no longer in my friends' list on Facebook.