Sunday, 14 December 2008

Happy bday, PINK Armenia!!

One year ago, on 14 December 2007, I posted a statement by PINK (Public Information and Need of Knowledge) Armenia formally announcing the establishment of new LGBT-related NGO in our country.
The mission of the organisation
o Raising awareness in society about facts and background of sexuality, STIs, HIV/AIDS, LGBT.
o Searching for role models, create an info centre, self help groups and build a ground for advocating gay rights.
o Developing projects and undertaking studies or research in various fields that are of particular concern to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people
This new LGBT group realised the potential of new internet based technologies and social networking sites to reach out to the wider audience. They opened MySpace and Facebook pages; Armenian LGBT Community discussion group on Yesoudo. Soon after the establishment, PINK Armenia started blogging.

Official launch of the PINK Information Centre in downtown Yerevan took place last Friday, 12 September 2008. The office is conveniently located near the Yerevan State University.

On 1st December 2008, along with number of NGOs, PINK Armenia organised the World AIDS Day in Yerevan (also here).

Mamikon, head of PINK Armenia, recalls the formation of the organisation: “ and my friend Garri decided to create a nice project for Armenian LGBT community. It was in October. We had so many ideas and dreams but didn't know how to make them come true. Finally we thought to register an NGO and start to work in the frames of our project. Our third friend, Arthur joined us and we registered our organization officially.We call it "Public Information and Need of Knowledge", to have the abbreviation PINK."PINK Armenia" was born in December 14, 2007...”

Below are pictures of the founders of PINK Armenia: Mamikon, Arthur and Garri.

I wish PINK Armenia a very busy and successful year ahead. Keep up the good job you are doing!

Happy bday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday, we celebrated our tenth anniversary too, it was on December 10, the same day as World Human Rights Day.

Congrats again.

artmika said...

10th anniversary - that's great! Happy bday to you too!! We have Diasporan LGBT group in LA which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year too.

PINK Armenia said...

Nice to see this article in your blogs:)
We had a small party that day. Also we presented our first booklet, which will be available from January 2009.
Thank you, hope we will also celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2018.

artmika said...

I promise to write your 10th anniversary post :)