Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Armenian LGBT NGO to launch new Community Centre in Yerevan

*source: WFCE January newsletter


From 1st January 2008 “We For Civil Equality” NGO moved to the new office just in the heart of Yerevan City, 3 minutes from Republic Square. This not only staff administrative office but also Community Centre named LGBTIQ Informational and Counseling Center (ICC).

The main aim of the community centre is providing a safe and alternative place for LGBT communities to develop a feeling of unity within the different sub-communities. The resource centre includes informational, educational and entertainment material for LGBT.

The new office and LGBTIQ ICC will be officially presented on 14th February 2008. We intend to start with:

- Round table on HIV/AIDS and LGBTIQ Issues in Armenia. Several topics will be discussed:
• HIV/AIDS situation in Armenia
• At-risk population, vulnerable groups
• LGBTIQ as High Risk Group
• Prevention in Human Rights Context
• Access to health care and services
• Psychological counseling
• Educational programs
• Policy approach
• Civil society
• “We For Civil Equality” NGO mission, vision, activities.

- Lesbian artist exhibition opening
- Official Welcome Ceremony in ICC
- “We For Civil Equality” NGO and PRECIS Project Presentation

we intend to invite mass media and partner organizations to the official part and continue with a strictly community-only celebration later on at the Safer Sex Promotion Party.

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