Wednesday, 9 January 2008

LGBT magazine in Georgia goes bilingual

Thanks to support from the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Me magazine of Georgia's LGBT NGO - Inclusive Foundation, became bilingual (Georgian/English). Until now, only very brief summary for each issue of Me was available in English, which limited its readers to Georgian-speaking only. Me magazine's 6th issue marks new bilingual chapter for this publication. It now aims printing more issues and disseminating not only in Georgia but also abroad.

The following announcement I received from the Inclusive Foundation in Georgia:

beyond what you see

New, fully bilingual issue of "Me" Magazine
Entire content of the issue available also in English

Transformation, a slogan, reflects on main topic of the magazine to expose transgender issues, as well as, underline the change of format to that of international bilingual publication.

What is interesting in this issue?

>>> Pink puddle era that never came
The history of Stonewall Riots

>>> ... But Lithuania is a small country!
ILGA-Europe conference diary from Vilnius. Two smoke bombs and anti-gay demonstration

>>> Transgender activists fighting for equality
Interview with Deborah Lambillotte and Justus Eisfeld

>>> Why do they try to push us back to closet?
The fight for public discourse

>>> Gender is not black and white
Transgender in various cultures and religions

>>> Nobody is perfect!
Transgressive Cinema: Films that violate boundaries

Please visit discussion board for LGBT community

NEW Service for LGBT: online counseling with psychologist and sexologist at

NEW Publication by ILGA-Europe/COC Netherlands
Forced Out: LGBT People in Georgia

The new issue of the magazine is accessible here

Previous issues of the magazine are accessible here"

Paata Sabelashvili, head of Inclusive Foundation, added: "Some people have criticized it because of the health page that medicalizes issue too much, but that reflects on situation in Georgia and countries alike. While interviews with two western European activists balances the attitude."


Kei said...

That's great! You must be a very courageous person.

PINK Armenia said...

Dear Mika, your blogs are really the best as you have all the important information here about Armenia and South Caucasus.
Thank you so much that you mention our organization in your blogs, also so happy that you are in touch with my friend's organization in Georgia. He is working really good and always I am proud of his NGO.

artmika said...

Thanks for your words, Pink Armenia! Always happy to collaborate with all LGBT organisations and gay activists in Armenia and South Caucasus, and reflect news and developments in my blog.

Keep me posted on your news too.