Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Happy New Year!!!

New Year came early for me :) Well, apart from being my favourite holiday for as long as I could remember myself, this time it is particularly special for me. I am going to celebrate it back in Yerevan! I’ve been out of Armenia for couple of years now. Miss enormously. Besides, during last years I used to spend my New Year holiday in other countries, and, to be honest, quite missed the whole Armenian / former Soviet style of celebrations. I know, it can be ‘pain in the ass’, but painfully wonderful nevertheless. Very colourful, in fact.

Celebrating New Year at home, with family, then friends, and yes, TV programmes, special New Year films, special New Year food… it’s a package deal :)

Btw, if you want to visit London, do not do it for Christmas and New Year holiday. It’s the most boring time (ever!) in London. It may be hard to believe, but trust me (as someone who knows how to party and have fun London style), it’s very true. Any other time, this is one of the most exciting cities you could ever find.

Past year was very turbulent for me. To be honest, I do not miss it at all and look forward to its formal farewell. But, hey, I started my blogs this past year; in fact, only several months ago (in April/May); it seems like years though... In 2007, my life was full with unfinished matters, some of which from previous years. It was very stressful at times, frustrating and disheartening… But I made it - THE closure. It feels so good now. It feels liberating. I wish you all effective closure and very happy and exciting New Year ahead!

I will resume my blogging most probably at some point during the week of 7th January. But you never know, depending on circumstances, may well continue blogging. Otherwise, will certainly reflect my Yerevan experiences in upcoming posts in New Year.

Many thanks for reading my blogs, many thanks for your comments and messages. Keep in touch!


hr_g said...

Happy New Year Mika!

artmika said...

Thanks, Hrag! Happy New Year!.. and hope to see you at some point next year

As vossas vizinhas said...

have a nice trip and a special 2008! Kisses and hugs!

artmika said...

thanks! have a great one too! :)

Anonymous said...

hope you have a great time back home! :) Yes, i know London is boring then...Joey Ramone actually wrote I Wanna Be Sedated while they were on tour in London at Xmas and he was totally bored...:D

artmika said...

:) Happy New Year, dear Rhiannon! I am very glad that we 'met', may be next year, at some point we'll do something off-line too ;) and thanks for reading and commenting on my blogs!

I am almost in Yerevan - counting hours... oh, can't wait!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Artmika!
Best wishes for coming holidays also to you,
Your blog is really unique source of information and I want to tank you once again for it, there were also little but some mental internal changes in me during past months and your posts had their part in it!

artmika said...

thank you very much for your words, dear 'Anonymous'! I am very pleased that my posts helped... that's encouraging news for me. I hope that coming year will bring more encouraging news and we'll manage to celebrate it together. I wish you exciting and successful New Year!