Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Lesbian Gamers

If you are lesbian and gamer, this site is apparently for you (found via UKGayNews). As they say, "Because sometimes we use our hands for other things" ;)




Anonymous said...

I didn't know lesbian gamers were different from other gamers? And don't we all -gay, straight, lesbian, transgender etc. etc.- use our hands for something else from time to time? Well, I sure hope so at least! ;-)

artmika said...

Of course we do, Myrthe ;)

Me too for inclusive things in general, without separations. I wish time will come and we won’t have, say, gay or straight clubs, but rather just clubs… But we still need them.

Also, sometimes there are some common interests, even if based partly on same—sex attraction, as in this case. Similar situation would be for gay boyz gamers. I suppose this site is called Lesbian Gamers since as they put it “We'll bring you lesbian gaming news, regular gaming news with a lesbian slant, articles and game reviews with a little dash of dyke.” I am not into video or internet gaming, but thought I’d post it here so that some of my lesbian friends/readers will explore it, could be fun, I hope. ;)

artmika said...

Here we are - there is also


And here is an extract from PinkNews's relevant article today - "Gamer complains of online homophobia":

While some insist that the insults are all part of the violent nature of the online live version of the game [Halo 3], others feel that it is a definite cause for alarm and the exact reason behind the need for a gay-friendly gaming site in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I was kind of joking in my first comment, but it is rather sad that there is still a need for a separate get-together places for homosexual people. Not just for gamers, but in general,anything. I understand why, but I still find it kind of sad, not for the need to be among like-minded people. Don't we all seek out like-minded people, whether they are straight or gay, love pets, love books, come from a certain country, region of city etc. I find it sad for what it says about the "non-homosexual world".

artmika said...

I can't agree with you more!!!