Monday, 29 October 2007

Woman President for Armenia?

I was thinking about upcoming Armenian presidential elections. What strikes me though, apart from many other things, that there is no single woman candidate among potential hopefuls on the horizon. This is in sharp contrast with the recent developments in the world of international politics. Germany elected Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton may become the US’s first female President, Benazir Bhutto is back to Pakistan... And yesterday Cristina Kirchner became the first woman President in Argentina. Example of Argentina is especially relevant to us. Argentina is (was?) famous for its macho culture.

I never was a supporter of choosing someone based on gender. Abilities should be the factor! But may be we lived too long under almost total male dominance in Armenian politics and government. May be woman President will bring those essential qualities which are lacking in our male candidates. May be she will be able to ease the tensions in our society and act as a consolidating power. May be woman President will transform Armenian society into more tolerant and inclusive one. And may be if women gain power in our neighbouring countries too, they will be able to solve the problems in a way only women know and bring long awaited peace to the region.

Just one request, if I may. Please, save us from Alvard Petrosyan, who once infamously told Aravot newspaper that as a “normal” woman she is afraid of homosexuals, calling them “enemies” of women.

Recent developments in Armenia related to the establishment of the Women’s Resource Centre, and the latest example of regional cooperation of women organisations in the South Caucasus, as reported by Lara in Life in Armenia, are encouraging.

Here is a call for future woman President for Armenia!


Anonymous said...

In Georgia Nino Burjanadze (sp?) is a woman and Speaker of the Parliament (if I am not mistaken)and they used to have a female Minister of Foreign Affairs who is now an opposition politician.

No matter how much I support your idea, as long as the majority of Armenian women themselves think that women are not suited for presidency (I don't remember where, but I read this somewhere), nothing will change.

Although, Geargia also has a macho-culture...

artmika said...

True, Myrthe. I hope (really, really!) that efforts of devoted people will help to awake repressed potential of Armenian women.

tiramisù said...

There is a loooooong way to go.

Anonymous said...

i also hope one day Russia will have a woman in charge. that would sort that country out too...!


artmika said...

ArmeniaNow published relevant article today:

Future Politics: Is it possible to have a woman president in Armenia?