Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Homophobic ad in Yerevan

It’s been a while since Ksjukh posted this ad picture from Yerevan in Yesoudo, so far my favourite Armenian social networking site. It is an ad for a rap party that says "gays and animals are not allowed".

It became one of the most commented pictures in Yesoudo.

Micha: “They didn't need to write anything, they could simply keep the poster as it is and no gay or any self-respecting pet would go there. Rap party called "Hin Djougha"? With a blond bimbo in US-flag bikini on its poster? No kidding! I don't even dare to imagine what kind of rap they're going to perform”

We also discussed a serious nature of it and lack of legal basis and groups or NGO-s to take the case to the court. There is no anti-discrimination law to include homophobia, sexism etc in Armenia. Only racism is currently punishable.

Blogian now re-posted this picture, and along with pointing out homophobic aspect of it, raises the following question:

“What caught my attention most, though, is not the American-flagized blond nor the homophobic message but the name of the party (rap group?) - Hin Jugha (Old Djulfa). This is the historic Armenian place where Azerbaijan destroyed thousands of stone-crosses in December of 2005. What do homophobia, rap and Old Djulfa have to do with each other?”

I suppose, this is a ‘perfect’ combination for attention seeking bigots and loser-‘promoters’. What can be more eye-catching and attention grabbing than semi-naked blond, vulgar homophobia and false patriotism? Imagine, what sort of crowd would be attracted to that party… Even thinking of it made me nauseous.

Back to Yesoudo, the most hilarious comment in relation to this ad came from my Yesoudo friend Chant, a talented young filmmaker.

Chant: Someone should do graffiti 2 males kissing on that ... here's an idea to inspire you by artist Banksy: http://www.thismoment.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/blog/banksy.jpg


Anonymous said...

that is just horrible that they can be so blatant. they'd be shut down if they tried that in this country! :(

artmika said...

Tell me about it. We urgently need all-inclusive anti-discrimination legislation in Armenia. But taking into account current political climate and priorities, it seems more like a dream for now. Also, legislation alone won't be enough... There need to be radical changes in society...

Chantal said...

Come on let's go guerilla on them ... Am setting a date even... April in Yerevan ... let's turn the whole place queer :D

artmika said...

sounds like a plan ;)