Wednesday, 3 October 2007

European Trans People Being Surveyed for Major EU Research Project

Inequalities and discrimination issues across Europe to be highlighted

A Europe-wide survey of people who identify themselves as ‘trans’ – in the widest sense – is being undertaken this month and will be looking at inequalities and discrimination issues in the member states of the European Union.

European citizens who are trans people – including transvestite, transgender, a-gender, poly-gender, transsexual etc., are being invited to take part in the online survey.

Gay men and lesbians are urged to point their trans friends to the survey, which is completely anonymous.

“With this survey we want to get to know more about the situation of trans people – in the broadest possible sense – in Europe,” said Justus Eisfeld, chair of TransGender Europe. “It is extremely important that as many trans people as possible from all over Europe fill in this questionnaire. With the data we collect in this survey, we will finally know a lot more about the situation that trans people live in, and will be able to put a lot more pressure on politicians and other decision makers to do something about the sometimes horrible situations that way too many trans people in Europe live in.”

The results of the project will inform the European Union, together with many other public authorities across Europe, and help them develop new ways of promoting equality.

*via UKGayNews

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