Monday, 20 August 2007

Soho Pride 2007

19 August
Soho Pride differs from London Pride - its main aim is partying, while London Pride, along with parade and fun, delivers also serious political messages. However, Sunday weather - very gloomy, rainy, was a spoiler. It was less touristy, less diverse, and more of a Londoners' affair. I did not particularly enjoy it this time (to be honest, I was not in a mood), but some people managed to have fun.

Pink coloured England flags are becaming increasingly popular during Pride events.

The area at Candy Bar - the main lesbian hangout in Soho, was very popular, lively and quite mixed.

Many used the occasion for various promotional activities. This couple was promoting dating site.

Preparations for another promotional activity - in costumes...

'Objects of desire' - there was lots of beer-drinking going on and long queues throughout the day for "simply loos" (I find this label amusing :)

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