Friday, 29 June 2007

'Cut The Crap' gay-themed TV ad by Absolut

Although one-year old, I learnt about Cut The Crap ad campaign by Absolut vodka today from This gay-themed ad is part of a series of Cut The Crap clips to promote Absolut Cut vodka. It's just hilarious! I loved it. Other ads from the series include "Birthday", "Office" and "Valentine", available on company website.

"Gay" movie clip description

A mother and son are having a discussion in the kitchen about what's going on in each other's lives. The actual verbal exchange between them is stilted and artificial, with each of them playing the other's game.

Captions appear on the screen to clarify what the two are really saying.

The mother asks, "So... How's your love life?" and the caption beneath reads, "So... Do you like boys or girls?"

The son responds, "Great. I'm dating a flight attendant. She's blonde." The caption says, "Great. I'm sleeping with a gogo dancer. He's built."

With reservation, mom says, "Oh that's wonderful honey." According to the text on the screen, she means, "So, it's a boyfriend."

Mom continues: "When do we get to meet her?" but the caption reads, "Dad is going to love this."

The son tells her that his made-up girlfriend "travels a lot," but he means "Not in a million years."

In a passive attempt to get the last inner-laugh, the son asks, "What about you? How's your backache?" But the text reveals what he wants to be inferred by his question: "What about you? Still sleeping with your chiropractor?"

The mother looks pensive and gives a reserved smile, knowing her secret's "out" as well.

*Text description via jazzto, video via mitchells00

Gay-themed advertisements
Absolut was one of the first consumer brands to openly embrace the gay community and view its members as important and desirable consumers of its product. Its ads have appeared in the gay market for over 30 years, and the company has long sponsored major gay events, including the 2000 fall line of Tom of Finland clothing. In one such ad, a film lupe and film canisters are stacked to form the distinctive shape of the Absolut bottle. The canisters are labeled with the titles of gay films, including "Stonewall," "Boys Life," "Nitrate Kisses," "Show Me Love," and others. The caption reads “Absolut Achievement.” The ad appeared in gay film festivals sponsored by the brand.
Absolut Vodka has also been the official corporate sponsor of the GLAAD Media Awards [The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation] for many years.


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