Thursday, 17 May 2007

Armenian 'YouTube'

(posted in Unzipped on 3 May 2007)

I was pleasantly surprised to come across to this first Armenian Video Sharing Network on the web: It's very new, still in early stages, but my first impression was that it could be very promising development.

Hrant Dink on Turkey-Armenia, family and gay issues

Here is one of the uploaded videos which caught my eyes. It's a rare interview (in Armenian and French) with Hrant Dink (The Independent named him "Armenian champion in Turkey"), a prominent Turkish-Armenian editor who shot dead on 19 January 2007 in Istanbul for his stance on Armenian genocide and human rights in Turkey. This interview (autumn 2005, Paris) is exceptional, since here, along with Turkey-Armenia relationships, a prominent Armenian spoke out in support of gay rights (an exceptionally rare move in current Armenian reality). When asked, what would be his reaction if his son or daughter came out as gay, Hrant Dink said that he would provide with support:

You should live your life, If you ever have any problems, I will be beside you, I will support you!

I wish I could say "We are all Hrant Dink!"...

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