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Thursday, 11 June 2009

WTF? A bizarre follow-up to my posts on gay-themed theatre play in Vanadzor, Armenia

Remember that gay-themed theatre play MetastaZ I posted about? The one which then received theatrical awards including for “best young director” in an annual theatre award ceremony in Yerevan.

After almost a year I first posted the info & videos, now the “best young director” (award received for that very play) and the main actress feel ‘ashamed’ and ‘outraged’ of publicity after my posts and videos. They asked me (I am not sure what was the exact wording they used) - through other people involved in the play - to delete my posts and videos. I doubt they understand English, otherwise they would have read my posts properly and understand that there were no X-rated comments there, unless you consider as ‘X-rated’ positive and nice things said about the play. Unless you consider as ‘X-rated’ any gay related blog. Bear in mind that the play itself was gay-themed.

I have only one question: WTF is going on?

You write the gay-themed play, you participate in it, you receive prizes for it, and now (after quite a while, I have to say) you are ashamed and outraged of the info being published in gay blogs? You are ashamed and outraged to be seen in a scene (which one of you directed and the other one played in) with a gay kiss? In fact, back then, they were very happy and thankful that the videos were made.

But the most ridiculous thing is the following. One of the reasons why they want the videos to be deleted is the actress’s boyfriend dislike that she is dancing there for everyone to see. I cannot even comment on this. This is beyond me. Why on earth she became an actress, and why on earth he is dating an actress if cannot stand an innocent dance during the play?..

You know what, I do not need your videos. You should ask me to keep them here. From today onwards all three uploaded to YouTube videos are private and will no longer be available to public. (there is no such possibility re one video clip uploaded directly to the blogger, so it will stay) Now it’s your turn, Ms. “best young director” Nune Khechumyan. What about giving up the “best young director” award? Слабо?

And one more thing. Re my blog posts, no one can dictate me of what I should and should not write on my blog. I can comment on any event I feel like it or find appropriate. That’s not your f* business.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Gay-themed play MetastaZ received theatrical awards in Armenia

UPDATE: (11 June 2009) WTF? A bizarre follow-up to my posts on gay-themed theatre play in Vanadzor, Armenia
Very happy to share this news.

Nune Khechumyan received "Best young director" award for a gay-themed play MetastaZ at the main Armenian annual theatre award ceremony "Artavazd 2009" on 27 March in Yerevan. Also, actor Temur Atchinyan (State Dramatic Theatre named after H. Abelyan of Vanadzor) was named "Best young actor" at the award ceremony. He was among a group of talented actors involved in MetastaZ.

My congratulations!!

For more info about MetastaZ and video clips from the performance, see:

MetastaZ - gay related theatre play in Vanadzor, Armenia

*posters - via PINK Armenia

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

MetastaZ - gay related theatre play in Vanadzor, Armenia (video)

UPDATE: (11 June 2009) WTF? A bizarre follow-up to my posts on gay-themed theatre play in Vanadzor, Armenia
It’s my personal impression that theatre life in Armenia sees its kind of new revival. And it’s not only classical theatre but alternative one too. Experimental theatre has its regular scheduling at the NPAK or other venues. HighFest festival brings to Armenia cutting edge performances from within the country and abroad, e.g. by English playwright Mark Ravenhill.

But this mainly focuses in capital Yerevan. Therefore, it was even more encouraging to read on PINK Armenia about MetastaZ, theatre play in Vanadzor, Armenia’s 3rd city.
In the end of May the State Dramatic Theatre named after H. Abelyan of Vanadzor opened curtains for the premiere of the performance "MetastaZ (Metastasis)" under same play of Hovhannes Tekgyozyan "Metastasis". […]

From the very beginning it was planned as the audience would be a part of the play: there were 30 chairs black and white colored, like chessboard and they were on the stage. […]

A plead of talented actors was evolved in the play, such as Temur Atchinyan, Alla Darbinyan, Edgar Qocharyan, Hamlet Gyulzadyan and also one of the founders of PINK Armenia, Arthur Haroyan. The casting has been done very carefully. Also Hovsep Mesropyan and Vahe Shahverdyan were in all that action, the author of original sound tracks was the same Arthur Haroyan. […]

The most interesting fact is that a performance based on real facts of two homosexuals was played in the third city of Armenia and not Yerevan.The main goal of the director was not the elucidation of the theme of homosexuality and drugs in general, but the torture of the people, having a pain arisen by treachery. The same can overtake each of us like it happened to the heroes of performance "MetastaZ". […]

The most part of public has been shocked and admired from professional acting and director's work of performance, and some others experienced a shock, proceeding from basic reasons and traditional mentality: " How can it be possible, we are Armenians, not homos?" […]
For the first time, below you can see selected video clips from the MetastaZ. Many thanks to PINK Armenia for providing this material. (video clip No.4 was impossible to upload to the YouTube due to its duration – more than 10 mins – therefore, I uploaded it directly to the ‘Blogger’).

MetastaZ (clip No. 1)

MetastaZ (clip No. 2)

MetastaZ (clip No. 3)

MetastaZ (clip No. 4)

[This video removed upon personal request]