Monday, 28 October 2013

Charles Aznavour rocks Royal Albert Hall in London and tells the audience the story of his gay themed song

I kind of knew I would like it but didn’t expect I would enjoy Charles Aznavour concert at  Royal Albert Hall that much. It was full house. It was a definition of awesomeness.

Until last Friday, I didn’t know he was so well known and appreciated in Britain. It was announced during the concert that Terry Wogan was in attendance too, along with other prominent British presence + Armenians and French, of course.

Almost 90 years old, still with amazing vocal ...and some cute dancing skills too.

He also performed his gay-themed song [French Armenian singer Charles Aznavour says he wrote "the first song about homosexuality" - WOW!] and told the audience how he made it into France prime time.

He first performed it in front of his gay friends. Their reaction was... silence. Charles thought they didn't like it. But they asked: who is going to perform such song? Me. In front of public? Are you going to introduce it somehow? You are a father, you have children. Why, just because I sing a song about gay man I should justify something? And he did perform it. In public. Without justifying anything. It was instantly accepted by public. With his performance and public’s acceptance, he made it into France prime time ...with a broadcast every single day! In early 70s. Nothing like this could have happened in the USA, remarked Aznavour. But it happened in France.

I never seen anything like this in London before. Non-stop standing ovations for Charles Aznavour.

Royal Albert Hall introduced him as “the legend”. He truly is.

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