Wednesday, 17 July 2013

England follows France in celebrating equality and making gay marriage a reality. Congratulations!!

Here we are. Gay marriage became law in England and Wales. Scotland to follow soon with a separate legislation.

Congrats to British citizens and activists who made equal marriage a reality.

British PM David Cameron personally contributed to the cause by proposing the legislation in the first place. I do not support Tories, but here is what PM tweeted today:

@David_Cameron: After a long parliamentary process gay marriage became law tonight - something I believe we can be proud of as a country. 


The other day, a symbol of Paris - Eiffel tower turned rainbow for the occasion of French National Day - Bastille day. Liberté, égalité, fraternité ["Liberty, equality, fraternity (brotherhood)].

Ironically, some local Armenian and Russian homophobes decided to show solidarity with French homophobes (against passing of gay marriage law in France) on... Bastille Day. They have no idea what this day is all about. This is how out of touch with contemporary (and historic) realities these people are. This is how irrelevant they became.


Back to the main topic of this blog post.

Now that gay marriage became a reality in Britain, I should reclaim my traditional Armenian roots and start looking for husband ;))

And talking about traditions.

“Belgium used to belong to the countries in Europe with a very conservative attitude towards gays until the mid-1990s and then became one of the most progressive countries regarding gay rights within only 10 years.” [source]

FYI Armenia.

P.S. I devote this post to very dear friends of mine who got married recently. They know who they are. x

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