Monday, 10 June 2013

Double pleasure: James Franco exhibit and 'Psycho' film intro in London

Most of my friends and blog readers know that I have *feelings* towards James Franco, so to say.

This is what I call a good weekend, indeed. Not only I went to his newly opened multi-media exhibit at PACE gallery in London on Saturday, but also saw him the following day introducing Hitchcock's film Psycho at BFI. In fact, his exhibit was inspired by and a subjective retelling of Psycho.

Not that I had any doubts, but listening to and seeing James Franco proved that he is as intelligent and sexy live as he is on screen. After the intro of Psycho, he joined the audience to watch the film... seating right in front of me ;) Below is a photo story from the PACE exhibit and BFI screening.

*At "Psycho Nacirema" exhibit, PACE gallery, London

*At BFI Southbank, London - special screening of Psycho with James Franco.

Below is a better quality picture from the BFI twitter account.

And this is a creative leaflet to the exhibit distributed at BFI.

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