Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"Speak up!": PINK Armenia’s anti-bullying message to mark Day of Silence

On the occasion of Day of Silence, PINK Armenia hold a press conference where they outlined the problem of bullying in Armenia’s educational institutions in particular, starting with anti-LGBT bullying and with other instances of bullying too.
Says Nvard Margaryan of PINK Armenia: “In various countries of the world, starting from 1996, the third Friday of April is celebrated as The Day of Silence. The main purpose of The Day of Silence is to focus public attention on discrimination and degrading treatment against LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people and other social groups throughout educational institutions. Moreover, this day is meant to eliminate and prevent such phenomena in an effort to establish safer educational institutions for everyone, regardless of students’ sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic origins, religion, appearance, social and other personal characteristics”.
Then she presented cases and personal stories, which were collected by PINK's staff members.
Here is a fragment of the press conference (AM) detailing cases of anti-LGBT and other bullying in Armenia.

And below is a video “Speak up” (AM with English subtitles), released by PINK Armenia, with real life stories and an important message to convey.

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