Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Disgrace for ARF Dashnaktsutyun in Armenia as party promotes anti-gay terrorism supporter MP Artsvik Minasyan into ruling board

 “Հին ընկերները”... չեն փոխվում 

So all these talks that ARF Dashnaktsutyun has changed, that they oppose violence and homophobia were bankrupt. Not only they didn’t reprimand anti-gay terrorism supporter MP Artsvik Minasyan, by allowing him to take a seat in the Armenian parliament and represent the party... This is bad enough. Now it’s been reported that Artsvik Minasyan has been elected into party’s ruling board in Armenia.

Instead of punishment - praise and promotion.

Truly and sadly, some things (and some parties) do not change.

Big FAIL to ARF.
Here is a reminder of what ARF Dashnak MP Artsvik Minasyan said after sponsoring bailout for firebombers of gay friendly DIY bar in Armenia capital Yerevan.

[about firebombers] they are “normal people, normal persons; the investigation will reveal to what extent the violation they committed endangered public safety”.

[about DIY owner] “people like Tsomak destroy Armenian society”.

[about justifying anti-gay terrorism] He then went on further to justify arsonists, saying they acted in accordance with the "context of our societal & national ideology, in the right way" (!!).

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