Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Homophobe Gevorg Altunyan promoted to head Armenia Public TV’s main propaganda machine - Haylur

As a deputy head of news and analytical programmes at Public TV, Gevorg Altunyan was known to be a not so subtle manipulator of information under the disguise of ‘analytical commentary’.

His ‘Tesankyun’ programme was simply impossible to watch as it was a crying example of KGB style propaganda and manipulation of information to suit authorities’ orders.

He is also a well known homophobe , and constantly spreads hate and intolerance towards LGBT people in Armenia. Not surprisingly, he is part of Armenia Homophobia Hall of Shame.

Haylur sucked in past. Haylur sucks now. With Gevorg Altunyan promoted to head it, Haylur will continue producing information garbage in the foreseeable future.

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