Friday, 3 February 2012

Scorpion Vodka

Imagine my surprise when browsing Selfridges - my favourite store in London - during lunchtime, I bumped into this. At first I didn’t realise that this was vodka, for real. They looked more like a decoration, and then more like a medicine than alcoholic drink.

But here we are. Not just a drink, but Scorpion Vodka, with edible scorpion within the bottle that... you are welcome to eat, after consuming the vodka, that is. And there is hilarious description on the bottle calling the drink an ultimate “detox” that would clean up your body from all the toxins... Remember, we are talking about vodka with edible scorpion. Anyway, it was something. I was not brave enough to actually buy it, but here are the pictures for your enjoyment. To all the Scorpios out there. Cheers! :))

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Rhiannon said...

Oh dear, that is horrible!!