Sunday, 18 September 2011

On the menu: X-rated ice cream in London

I was wondering why this was dubbed “the world’s first gay ice cream bar”. Well, now I know. It relates more to the special gay-themed menu with at times X-rated ingredients :) Full of cliches, of course, but fun and tasty.

The venue is pretty small but cosy, and I liked the decor.

I ordered "The knicker-bocker-gloryhole" ice cream cocktail ;)) and as a... chocoholic, it was delicious.

I was expecting to see that famous ice cream masseur to try the ‘ice cream facial’ but he was nowhere on sight. Regardless... All in all, it was fun experience.


Doc said...

The place looks very elegant and beautiful! And their webpage is simply brilliant :D

artmika said...

When you come to London, I promise, one X-rated ice cream cocktail is on me ;))

Doc said...

Sweet! Will definitely be looking forward to it! :D

Rhiannon said...

ha ha do they let hags in there? ;) if so I would like to take my friend Kenny there when he's over from Ireland sometime ;) or meet you there of course.

artmika said...

When I was there, I saw straight couples too :) so should be no problem. But as far as I am aware, "gay ice cream bar" per se will be open till 30 Sep, at least as of now. Not sure what are their plans afterwards.