Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Yerevan Diaries: white is the new black (brief observations re current fashion trends)

We all know that the abundance of black colour, especially among Armenian men, is something pretty much routine in Yerevan, not worthy of blogging.

This summer, however, I can see some changes. Instead of black trousers, it's white that dominates the colours. I wanted to say I am happy with what I am seeing - and, relatively speaking, I am - but it's way too much. From one extreme to another :)

Good thing is that I see more youth wearing trainers with some cool T-shirts. Another positive thing is that I see less (much less!!) people wearing socks with sandals now.

Still, Yerevan women catching up with the fashion trends much better and quicker. And in their majority, dress code of Armenian men is still pretty conservative, even among Armenian gay men.

Have to admit, though, some of them still manage looking hot, regardless of style or fashion. Just being themselves. You know, their curious self ;)


Doc said...

I remember the color trends while I was still living there. The whole city (if not the country) was full of clothing of ONE color (among the women, btw). Now I'm wondering if that color trend thing is still going on. It never occurred to me to ask my sisters about it all this time lol

artmika said...

So true re that one-colour trend :) although nowadays it's definitely more diverse.