Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Statue of the Worker in Yerevan: homoerotic, in pictures and graffiti

I never realised before that this Worker’s statue in Yerevan (by sculptor Ara Harutyunyan, 1981) was... homoerotic. Now looking at these pictures of the statue, I suddenly started viewing it in a different light ;) I do not think this was the intended outcome by the sculptor, but, hey, this is the way I perceive it ;) Unfortunately, the statue got dismantled in 1997 to use as a scrap metal. Shame, really.

Now guerilla street art group “ArtLab” in Yerevan revived the memories of the Worker’s statue by making this graffiti at around the place of former statue to make the surroundings “complete” (idea by artist Arthur Petrosyan).

*pictures by and Arthur Petrosyan Facebook page.


Teddy.B said...

I'm surprised! This sculpture reminds me the creation which I'm working at the moment! Another thing remind me to my Armenian origin

artmika said...

Good to know re more creative Armenians :) Would be interested to see your new creation when ready.