Saturday, 28 August 2010

Annual group exhibit at NPAK to focus on identity and social structure

New opening at NPAK (Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art) - Annual Group Exhibition 2 September - 30 October 2010 curated by Sonia Balassanian.

Every individual has open and hidden layers of identity. Some are hidden and closed by personal choice, some because of social taboos, and others forced by socio-political pressures.

Closeness and openness of inner layers of identity is a matter of individual choice. There are some who have the courage and audacity of expressing a view, position or posture — on sexual orientation, political position, interpretation of historic events—which is either unacceptable or condemnable by the general public. But none-the-less they have the courage of expressing them.

Most of the artists usually express their personal and private feelings through metaphorical symbols. A situation, which enriches the work creates opportunity for interpretations, meditations and dialogue. There are also artists who are open and bold, which is also an acceptable mode of expression...

You may access this exhibit's brochure here

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