Sunday, 18 July 2010

Gay scene in Batumi (+ updated Georgia Gay Guide)

As summer holiday season is upon us, and many gay Armenians will spend their vacations in Georgia, including Batumi, I thought it would be useful to present below this brief info on gay scene in Batumi, via Gay Batumi blog.

Have a look also at Georgia Gay Guide which I updated for the first time after I first posted it 3 years ago.

I know, despite promises, I did not update my Armenia Gay Guide for the last 2 years. Sorry for that. Will update it within a week.

If you have any updates, comments re Armenia or Georgia gay guides, please do let me know.

Batumi gay life is most active during high summer season, when it is mostly crowded.

During low seasons there is still some gay scene, but not as good as during hot summer days.

At the moment there are no dedicated gay bars or clubs in Batumi, but most of them (especially on a boulevard) are gay friendly.


- Alley between boulevard and beach (the best)
- Beach close to the lighthouse in pishcheviki area
- Around old railway station

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