Monday, 31 May 2010

Internet users & Eurovision fans obsessed with searching for Eva Rivas 'sex tape' and 'nude pictures'

As usual around Eurovision time, number of visits to my blog growth exponentially. This is not the news, has been the case since I started blogging several years ago. What is news, however, is the type of keywords internet users search to visit my blog. [keyword search via internet search engines is one of the ways people access my blog]

Apparently, many net users and Eurovision fans became too obsessed by Armenia representative looks and ‘apricot stones’, and they started digging for more.

Top three Eva Rivas related searches were for:

1. “Eva Rivas nude”
2. “Eva Rivas naked”
3. “Eva Rivas porn”.

Related were searches for “Eva Rivas nude pics” (or “naked pics”), “Eva Rivas sexy photos” and even “Eva Rivas porn video”. Some were searching for “Eva Rivas boob job” and “Eva Rivas boobs”. There were even searches for “Eva Rivas gay”, “Eva Rivas transexual” [spelling as in original keyword] and “Eva Rivas transvestite” (!!) People actually wonder... Oh, my... :)

Of course, there were more predictable searches about:

“Eva Rivas height” [“Eva Rivas tall”, “Eva Rivas how tall”, “Eva Rivas feet”, “Eva Rivas how tall is she”]
“Eva Rivas”
“Eva Rivas wikipedia”
“Eva Rivas biography”
“Eva Rivas pictures”
“Eva Rivas wiki”
“Eva Rivas Angelina Jolie”
“Eva Rivas Armenia”
“Eva Rivas, sayat nova - tamam ashkhar”
“Emmi and Eva Rivas”
“Eva Rivas eurovision”.

There were also few searches for “Eva Rivas tattoo”.

However, all these searches were far-far behind the top three I indicated at the beginning.

In fact, over these past few days “Eva Rivas nude” keyword pushed the more appropriate for my blog “gay Armenia” to No. 2.

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