Saturday, 1 May 2010

Azerbaijan: bizarre story of alleged "kidnap" involving lesbian lovers

Bizarre story to come out from Azerbaijan. Pay attention that puts "love" in quotation marks. My impression is that this was not a "kidnap" story but rather two lesbian lovers run away from parents to be able to live together. It probably got 'transformed' into a "kidnap" story after parents' involvement.

Today.Az » Society » Lesbian from Azerbaijani region kidnaps her "love" and tries to escape

01 May 2010 [21:00] - Today.Az

Strange incident took place in the Agdam region of Azerbaijan. In order to get married, female resident of the Novruzlu district Sangama Gulieva kidnapped a 19yr old Gulnara (name changed), according to the police department of Agdam.

The parents of kidnapped girl notified the police of this incident. Soon, the police was able to contain both girls in Baharly village for the internally displaced persons.

Interesting thing is, the kidnapped girl actually claimed that she did run off on her own, and also said that she "would commit suicide" unless she reunites with her "love". The investigation of this case is still underway.


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